Friday, September 23, 2011

The Goal and Why

The Goal: Listen and blog through all 225 sermons in John Piper's Romans series and memorize key passages.

Being a busy wife and mom, I find it difficult to have regular devotions. However, more than any other time in my life I am seeing that it is absolutely necessary for my spiritual health and sanity. The way I can know Jesus, that I might love him more, is through his good word. But I need help! I came up with this project to help me develop my devotional life. I believe it will help in three ways:

1. By listening to an in depth sermon series I will get the benefit of being in the scriptures every day and will not be overwhelmed or discouraged with trying to go at it alone.
2. By blogging through it, I will be thinking through the text again, looking into questions I have, and making connections to other parts of scripture and my own life. I will also have accountability to keep it up!
3. By memorizing certain key passages I will 'take' even more of God's truth from Romans with me.

Why Romans? And why Piper's series?

The book of Romans is incredibly rich with gospel truth. There are portions so straight forward that even my young children can understand, yet it's also so profound you could study it a lifetime and still have more to learn. I have wanted to study Romans for a long time, but haven't. This is the perfect opportunity!

There are a couple reasons I will be using John Piper's preaching series through Romans. Firstly, he is our pastor and I know that his teaching is sound. Secondly, I wanted a series that was in depth- with over 200 sermons through the text it's just what I was looking for. Lastly, all of the sermons are online at and available to anyone who wants to listen or be part of my journey.

Let it begin!